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The Bee Shop

We supply many BBKA branches around the country as well as exporting worldwide. If you need any advice regarding our range of protective clothing please feel free to call us or email via the 'contact us' link. Don't forget to ask us about our club discounts.

British Beekeepers Association (BBKA)

The BBKA exists to promote and further the craft of
beekeeping and to advance the education of the public
in the importance of bees in the environment.
BBKA provides information to help learn about bees and looks after some 25,000 members who keep
honeybees as a hobby.

Devon Beekeepers Association (DBKA)

The DBKA is Devon's core beekeeping organisation, comprising eleven local branches that includes the Newton Abbot Beekeepers Association. Most day-to-day activities for DBKA are executed at a branch level; however, the association's website also holds unique material which ideally compliments the information already available through our own branch website.

Sales, wants & swaps

I am making some nuc boxes so that if I get some queen cells next year I can put my old comb with the cells in the nuc and replace my hive with new comb. The current price will be £25 but if I get an order of five or more I may be able to get the price down to £20. Find out more and message me at NABK's Facebook page, or email me.
  WantNATIONAL HIVES WANTED - I am looking to buy some more national hives, either wooden or polyhive. Does anyone have any spare kit for sale? Please email me with details -

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