NABK reference library

The club has many useful reference titles for members to browse and borrow.

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A Book of Honey – CRANE, E A

Guide to Bees and Honey (6 copies) – HOOPER, Ted

A Handbook of Beekeeping – RICHES, H.R.C.

A Manual of Beekeeping (4 copies) - WEDMORE

A Sting in the Tale – GOULSON, Dave

A Treatise on the Management of Bees 1770 – WILDMAN, Thomas

A World without Bees – BENJAMIN, Alison & B.M.

ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture – ROOT, A.I.

Alphabetical Guide for Beekeepers – STEVENS, Ken

Anatomy and Dissection of the Honeybee (3 copies) – DADE, H.A.

Anatomy of the Honeybee - SNODGRASS, R.E.

Background to Beekeeping (2 copies) – WAINE, A.

Bee Propolis: Natural healing from the hive – FEARNLEY, James

Bee Sex Essentials (2 copies) – CONNOR, Lawrence John

Beekeeping – A seasonal guide (2 copies) – BROWN, Ron

Beekeeping – Volume 1 - BROWN, Ron

Beekeeping (2 copies) – RICHES, H.R.C.

Beekeeping and The Law - FINSTAN & SMITH

Beekeeping for Beginners – JAMES, E.L.B.

Beekeeping for Dummies – WISCOMBE, David

Beekeeping Manipulations in a Nutshell – ALLEN, M

Beekeeping Study Notes (3 copies) - YATES, JD & BD

Bees & Beekeeping – COSTANTINO, Maria

Bees & Beekeeping – DIEMER, Irmgard

Bees and Beekeeping (2 copies) – PAVORD, A.V.

Bees at the Bottom of the Garden – CAMPION, Alan

Bees, Their Vision, Chemical senses and Language - VON FRISCH, Karl

Beeswax (2 copies) - BROWN, Ron

Biology of the Honeybee - WINSTON, M

Breeding Techniques & Selection for Breeding of the Honeybee – RUTTNER, Friedrich

Bumblebees - PRYS JONES, Oliver & CORBET, Susan A.

Candle making – CONSTABLE, David

Candles - WESTLAND, Pamela

Dr Sara’s Honey Potions – ROBB, Sara

Ex Africa (2 copies) – BROWN, Ron

Five Hundred Answers to Bee Questions (4th edition) – STEPHEN, Victor R.

Following the Bloom Across America with the Migratory Beekeepers – WHYNOT, Douglas

For the Love of Bees (4 copies) - BILL, Lesley

Form and Function of the Honeybee – GOODMAN, Lesley

From A to Bee - DEARSLEY, James

Guide to Bees & Beekeeping – PEACOCK, Paul

Honey – From Hive to Honeypot (2 copies) – STYLE, Sue

Honey & Bees : Nature’s Magical Golden Treasure – BRIGGS, Margaret

Honey : Nature’s Wonder Ingredient – FLEETWOOD, Jenni

Honey and Dust - EDE, Piers M. Honey and its many health benefits – BRIGGS, Margaret

Honeybee Brood Diseases – HANSEN, Henrik

Honeybee Pests, Predators & Diseases – MORSE, R. & FLOTTUM, K.

Honey Farming (2 copies) – MANLEY, R.O.B.

Honey Marketing - RICHARDS, H.

Honey Production in the British Isles – MANLEY, R.O.B.

Honeybee Biology – FREE, John

Honeybee Democracy – SEELEY, Thomas D.

Honeybee Inside Out – DAVIES, Celia

Honeybees – A Guide to Management – BROWN, Ron

Honeybees and Their Management - WHITEHEAD, S.B. 

How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey – KELLEY, W.T.

In Pursuit of Liquid Gold - OGDEN, R.B.

In search of the Best Strains of Bees - BROTHER ADAM

Insect Pollination of Crops - FREE, John

Keeping Bees – Looking after an Apiary – HEAD, Vivian

Keeping Bees (2 copies) - PEACOCK, Paul

Keeping Bees and Making Honey – BENJAMIN, Alison & B.M.

Keeping Bees – BECKLY, P.

My Bee Book - COTTON, W.C.

Oilseed Rape and Bees – CALDER, Allan

One Thousand Years of Devon Beekeeping (5 copies) – BROWN, Ron

Plants and Beekeeping (2 copies) – HOWES, E.N.

Practical Beekeeping - DE BRUYN, Clive

Practical Beekeeping – HOWE, R.J. & W.E.

Practical Beekeeping – MACE, H

Practical Queen Rearing – PELLET, Frank C.

Principles of Practical Beekeeping (2 copies) – COUSTON, R.

Profitable Beekeeping (2 copies) – CROFT, L.C.

Queen Bee: Biology, Rearing and Breeding (3 copies) – WOODWARD, David

Queen Rearing in England - SLADEN, F.W.L.

Queen Rearing Simplified (3 copies) – COOK, Vince

Queen Rearing – SNELGROVE, L.E.

Queen’s Land – RICE, Norman V.

Shining Hours – BUZZARD, C.N.

Skeps – ALSTON, Frank

Some Important Operations in Bee Management – JOHANSSON, T.S.K. & M.P.

Starting with Bees – GORDON, Peter

Swarming – Its Control and Prevention (3 copies) – SNELGROVE, L.E.

Teach Yourself  - Beekeeping (2 copies) – SCHOLFIELD, L.L.

The Anatomy, Physiology & Natural History of the Honeybee (2 copies) - HERROD-HEMPSALL, William

The Archaeology of Beekeeping – CRANE, E.

The Art of Beekeeping (2 copies) – HAMILTON, William

The Asian Hornet (2 copies) – MARTIN, Stephen

The Bad Beekeepers Club (2 copies) – TURNBULL, B.

The BBKA Guide to Beekeeping - DAVIS /CULLUM-KENYON

The Bee – A Natural History - WILSON-RICH, Noah

The Bee Book – MORE, D.

The Bee Craftsman – WADEY, H.J.

The Bee Garden – LITTLE, Maureen

The Bee Manual: The Complete Haynes Step-by-Step Guide (2 copies) – WARING, Claire

The Beekeeper’s Garden – HOOPER, Ted & TAYLOR, Mike

The Beekeepers Annual 1984 – PHIPPS, John

The Beekeepers Field Guide – CRAMP, David

The Beekeepers Problem Solver – TEW, James E.

The Beemaster of Warrilow – EDWARDS, Tickner

The Bees – PAULL, Laline

The Behaviour and Social life of Honeybees (2 copies) – RIBBANDS, R.

The Behaviour of Bees – WADEY, H.J.

The Buzz about Bees – TAUTZ, Jürgen

The Colour Guide to Pollen Loads of the Honeybee (2 copies) – KIRK, W.

The Complete Guide to Beekeeping – EVANS, Jeremy

The Complete Handbook of Beekeeping - MACE, H.

The Dancing Bees - VON FRISCH, Karl

The Golden Throng (2 copies) – TEALE, Edwin Wray

The Hive and The Honeybee – DADE, N.T.

The Hive – WILSON, Bee

The Honeybee – GOULD, J. & C.

The Honeybee Round and About (2 copies) – DAVIES, Celia

The Honeybees of the British Isles – COOPER, Beowulf A.

The Joys of Beekeeping – TAYLOR, Richard

The Life of the Bee – MAETERLINCK, M.

The Life of the Bumblebee – ALFORD, D.V.A.

The Lore of the Honeybee (2 copies) – EDWARDS, Tickner

The New Varroa Handbook - MOBUS & CONNOR

The Philosophy and Practice of Beekeeping (2 copies) – GREGG, A.L.

The Secret Life of Bees - KIDD, Sue M.

The Skyscraper Hive – DUGAT, Father

The Social Organisation of Honeybees (3 copies) – FREE, John

The UK Pesticide Guide 2000 – WHITEHEAD, R.

The Urban Beekeeper – BENBOW, Steve

The World of Bees - HOYT, M.

The World of the Honeybee (2 copies) – BUTLER, C.

The Third or Fourth Generation Volume 1 – ALLWOOD, Montagu C.

Understanding Bee Anatomy (2 copies) – STELL, Ian

Value-Added products from Beekeeping – KRELL, R.

Varroa - Fight the Mite – JONES, Richard & MUNN, Pamela

Wild Flowers of the British Isles & Northern Europe – FOREY, Pamela.

Books listed below are not on the library shelves but may be borrowed upon request.  Please contact for further information:

Bees and Beekeeping – Science Practice and World Resources - CRANE, Eva

Breeding Techniques and Selection for Breeding of the Honeybee – RUTTNER, Friedrich

Honey – A Comprehensive Survey – CRANE, Eva

Mastering the Art of Beekeeping  AEBI volumes 1 & 2 – ORMOND & HARRY

The Pollen Loads of the Honeybee – HODGES, Dorothy.